A New Website for a New Funkhaus

September 12, 2016
- Longform

The Funkhaus website has been a labor of love that we are proud to finally get out into the world. The saying is true, “The cobbler’s kids have no shoes,” so it feels good to put our feet up.

When Funkhaus started in 2011, it was just a couple of guys working from each others’ apartments. Just a few short years later, we’re boasting double-digit employees, bi-coastal studios, and a true offering of interdisciplinary services. In our early years, our speciality was the singular touchpoint of website design and build. As we’ve grown, so have our list of services: we find ourselves carrying the torch from the early stages of ideation, including naming, branding, and messaging, through to the long-tail digital support that comes with web design, production, and on-going content generation. We went from being a resource in the world of commercial and film production to the definitive agency for it, and then broke out to work with clients in fashion, publishing, design, and hospitality.

This is our new, evolved story that wasn’t being told by our last website.

We pride ourselves on creating brand experiences that are beautiful, sustainable, and user-friendly, which was our aim with the new Funkhaus website. Naturally, our site is visually-driven and empowers the viewer with an ease of use, catering to their particular interest.

The Homepage is our latest and greatest: a curation of projects that best showcase our diverse range of work. Entering the Work section, the user is treated to a dashboard of all projects current and past. Using a filtering system, a viewer can narrow down this archive to their specific interest and, in turn, experience a modular Project Detail page that adapts to serve up the relevant portion of the case study according to their filter.

Our favorite feature was borne out of our continued desire to display our digital work with a touch of personality, trying to avoid becoming another antiseptic white space that is so common in the design world. How do we give the user a reason to click case study after case study, and not just have them click-off to the companies listed on our portfolio? Our solve was to build a site within a site. Each case study page features an animated cinemagraph backdrop with a laptop in the foreground, displaying the website of that client. That laptop image, however, is not just a static display – we’ve actually programmed our client site to work as a miniature website within the frame of ours. Navigate the entire embedded client site without ever having to click off the page. Have you ever seen a website so cute? To quote a client, we think it’s pretty “meta.”

Finally, you can expect to see more thought leadership on design, tech, and content strategy here in our Blog as we go forward. Please make sure that you subscribe to our newsletter and keep in touch with us as we continue to update this space.

We’re grateful for all the Funkhaus clients that have served as and continue to be the springboard for our portfolio of work. You’ve been our conduit for self-improvement and the thirst to uncover the latest and greatest in design, technology, innovation, and content. We look forward to continually showcasing the fruit of that labor here – and hope that we can be your long-term partner in constant reinvention and inspiration!