Our Fine Friends: David Black, Photographer

November 02, 2016
- Our Fine Friends
Author - Nick Dies


David Black is a Funkhaus friend and collaborator.

We’ve seen him work first-hand on a project we did for Reebok, and can attest to the energy, talent, and humble attitude he carries with him. His new monograph comes out in January, and showcases his talents beyond his masterful portraiture in an ode to Los Angeles.

More than anything, David’s just a genuinely great guy to be around. Meet Our Fine Friend, David Black.

Who are you?

David Black.

Outline a day in your (creative) life.

Mornings are my most creative and productive time.  I wake up, make coffee and then meditate for twenty minutes. After the meditation my mind is sharpest and I use it to read, write and research.

What or who inspires you?

The history and characters of Los Angeles.

What do you listen to while working? While unwinding?

Lately when working on an idea I’ve been listening to a lot of Tangerine Dream. Bunny Berigan to unwind.

Let’s talk about Cerro Gordo. What was the impetus behind the series?

The landscape of Los Angeles dramatically changed for me after a few personal loses. The work in Cerro Gordo was a meditation on this period and how my relationship with my environment changed.

Los Angeles is where you live and create, and obviously the setting for Cerro Gordo. So for you, what does LA mean?

For me Los Angeles is all about counterpoint, and it’s endless contradictions are what make it such a fascinating place.

Anything you’d like to plug?

Check out Cerro Gordo in December on Hat & Beard or pick up at Family Books.

All images courtesy of David Black.