November Soapbox

November 29, 2016
- Extracurriculars

A curated selection of what we’ve been doing, reading, and watching in the month of November. Maybe it’s the post-election dystopian feelings, but November’s collection of links includes some futuristic technology, lots of aliens, and a touch of outer space.

Picking up where last month’s Soapbox left off, as an office we went to see Arrival (mixed reviews, depending on who you ask here). Here’s how the designers crafted that hypnotizing alien alphabet.

Speaking of aliens, Alien: Covenant from our friends at RSA/Scott Free released its first poster. And here’s a thorough and fascinating case study that shows how that iconic typeset was developed.

Is fast fashion on the way out? These compostable sneakers from adidas might signal a ‘yes.’

Fight for Space premiered at DOC NYC this month, and explores “the past, present and future of the US Space program and argues for the benefits of human space exploration.”

Looking for a new podcast to obsess over? Homecoming should do the trick, a fictional serialized narrative boasting names like Oscar Isaacs, David Schwimmer, and Catherine Keener.

There’s a clear contender for Best Picture this year and it’s from Superprime‘s Damien Chazelle. Read our review of La La Land on Teller.