January Soapbox

January 18, 2017
- Extracurriculars

A curated selection of what we’ve been doing, reading, and watching in the month of January. While last year was marred by untimely passings and political turmoil, we’re looking forward to what the year ahead will bring, and have some essential reads, watches, and sees for you to enjoy.

The first teaser trailer for a new season of Better Call Saul dropped last week. At least we can look forward to some great TV in 2017!

BIGSOUND Buzz has an enviable site, and a cool concept. Dive in to their top artists here.

The OJ: Made in America documentary was a feat of filmmaking. The oral history of getting that project made will surely captivate you just the same. Read on at Wired.

There’s a lot of reasons why we’re all bemoaning 2016 as the year that failed us. But there’s a lot to celebrate from the year that passed as well. Medium has that story.

David Black’s Cerro Gordo show opened this past weekend at The Lodge, which you should check out before it closes on the 22nd. He’s also got a brand new Funkhaus-made website you can peruse here.

Lastly, did you check out our playlist celebrating those that past in 2016? Recently updated with some George Michael favorites (RIP), listen below.