April Soapbox

April 21, 2017
- Extracurriculars
Author - Erin Himes

A curated selection of what we’ve been doing, reading, and watching in the month of April. From places to go to videos to watch, we’ve found some pieces you won’t want to miss.

Calling all creatives. Create Upstate is an event happening in Upstate New York, right around the corner from our Ithaca office. The event from May 4-6 celebrates design and creativity.

Kendrick Lamar released another crazy video that we can’t stop thinking about. Watch above.

3D printing hits the racetrack. McLaren announced they will be evaluating 3D printed parts during races and practice sessions.

History comes back to life. We’re loving Marina Amaral’s work, bringing historical black and white photos to color.

Lewis Payne after his arrest in 1865. Payne was John Wilkes Booth’s co-conspirator in the attempted assassination of Secretary of State William H. Seward.

A Los Angeles landmark revived. Mark your calendars for the reopening of Angel’s Flight.