Around the Arts District: Grab a Beer

August 23, 2017
- Extracurriculars

Our Los Angeles headquarters is situated right in the middle of the Arts District, a part of town that’s seen sky-high (literally) levels of development over the last five years we’ve called it home.

There’s plenty of arguments to be made over what that growth means, and they’ve been waged but folks a lot more attuned to the intricacies of urban development than we are, but one thing that nets out of it all is a lot more places for us to explore by foot, and what better place to start than with some good drinks?

When we moved into our spot in the Toy Lofts, the only place to drink nearby was Little Bear, located two doors down from us. Now, we’ve added ERB just around the corner which has just about the best cocktails you can find, along with a killer burger and outdoor patio fitting of LA’s near-perfect weather, Zinc down the way, and of course, the Pour Haus mainstay on our block.

Last week, we ventured over to Arts District Brewery on what we like to call a Don Draper Afternoon, wherein we duck out of the office a few hours early to do something not at all work related, like check out a movie, or in this case, explore the neighborhood. The Arts District Brewery is located just about a mile from our office and is loaded with just about every type of beer you could ever want. Besides the great assortment of drinks, they have a menu of delicious fried bar foods and a selection of arcade games that includes one epic Game of Thrones version of pinball, and you can bring your dog.

There’s lots more to check out here in the Arts District, so drop in and say hi and we’ll go together. Stay tuned for this ongoing series as we venture out to see the Arts District’s old fixtures and new developments.

Images via ERB and 213 Hospitality.