September Soapbox

September 14, 2017
- Extracurriculars
Author - Erin Himes

A curated selection of what we’ve been reading, watching, and listening to in September. This month, we’ve assembled interesting reads, an unforgettable trailer, and a new podcast recommendation.

Curb Your Enthusiasm’s ninth season is on its way and if the trailer is any indication, it promises to be just as good as the first eight. Watch above.

Artificial Intelligence used less than two minutes of video game footage to recreate a game engine, and the cloned game was playable. Read all about the study here.

Congrats to our friends at Neighbourhood Paper who were nominated for a number of Mumbrella Publish Awards, including Best Launch of the Year for their new Funkhaus site.

Baltimore sets the backdrop to podcasts like Serial and Convicted, which provide a riveting look at its justice system through specific cases. This long, fascinating read takes a deep dive into the idea of innocent people pleading guilty, why they do it, and the ways that the system encourages it, using a Baltimore case as the example. Read here.

Away, a company that takes a considered approach to luggage design, was recently honored in the 2017 Innovation By Design Awards by Fast Company for their Bigger Carry-On (which we can wholeheartedly endorse, as pleased Away owners ourselves). They also recently released a magazine that hits the intersection of three Funkhaus favorites: inspired design, great content, and travel. Check it out here.

Sincerely X is a podcast presented by TED and Audible wherein speakers share deeply personal and emotional stories without revealing their identities. The anonymous TED talks are compelling and emotional, and like all non-anonymous TED contributions, offer real directions for change. Listen here.