A Themed Cabin Park in the Middle of the Woods

October 05, 2017
- Extracurriculars

Travel east on the 10 from Los Angeles, and veer off the road as you near Palm Springs, onto a windy highway that will take you up and into the mountains, to a tiny town called Idyllwild. There, you’ll find California’s first-ever Bud and Breakfast, and an entirely charming and borderline-but-not-quite too eccentric place called Hicksville Pines.

As the sister property to the Hicksville Trailers which gained cult status as a hipster trailer park just outside of Joshua Tree, Hicksville Pines takes the same kitschy queues, but applies it to its picturesque woodsy landscape. Every cabin, most of which are A-frame and brightly colored much to your insatiable Instagramming delight, is themed for your every mood: nerds, The White Stripes, John Waters, Dolly Parton, Dita von Teese, 420, the Haunted Mansion, honeymoons, and even Christmas.

We opted to stay in the only non-A-Frame of the bunch, a large three-bedroom cabin entitled The Great Northern decorated for the Twin Peaks addicts among us. Walk into The Great Northern and you’re greeted with the iconic Badalamenti soundtrack playing on an old record player, wood carvings of your favorite characters, a warm fire at the ready, and venture into Laura Palmer’s bedroom or One-Eyed Jack’s, or even the Black Lodge if that suits you and won’t give you nightmares of the Bobs and (spoiler alert) Judys around us. We had the chance to check out a few of the other cabins on-site as well. Nerds comes equipped with every video game you could ever want, Pac-man wallpaper, and incredible mash-up posters including The Breakfast Club with the X-Men reimagined as your jock, rebel, dork, etc. Christmas Town has a sleigh for a bed, and even a mall santa-esque throne for you to sit in and make your holiday wishes be known.

Venture around the property to enjoy its other unique amenities, from an outdoor gazebo and hot tub, to a tepee made perfect for hot-boxing, and a rec room complete with games and a limitless supply of cereal. If you’re so inclined, breakfast is offered in the mornings from the property’s caretaker couple, who couldn’t have been nicer hosts for our stay, and incidentally, the drivers of the Canni-bus that will take you to the local dispensary, since the compound is officially 100% 420-friendly, fitting of course for its Bud & Breakfast moniker.

This kitschy kingdom is a must-see. Discover more about it here.