Staff Profile: Katherine Fox, Content Writer

November 16, 2017
- Our Fine Friends
Author - Erin Himes

Katherine Fox recently joined our LA office as Content Writer.

Katherine comes to us with a love for musical theater, sharp writing skills, and a passion for all things storytelling. Read on for more on our newest team member.

What do you do at Funkhaus?

I’m a content writer, so basically I write lots and lots of words. I spend the majority of my day writing blogs for our clients—I write for the Funkhaus blog, too!

What do you listen to while working? While unwinding?

Although I’m a total podcast enthusiast, I save those for my commute. (Pod Save America is my #1, always.) That leaves music for work and unwinding, and my taste in tunes really runs the gamut. Real talk: I’m a musical theatre enthusiast and have a weird obsession with the seminal American TV show Glee. Put those together, add a little Chance The Rapper, and you have my daily playlist.

What inspires you?

Music, books, movies, and live theatre inspire me every single day. Whether it’s seeing a performer kill it on the stage or reading a transformative tale that makes me stay up all night, I’m constantly inspired and captivated by characters or on-stage personas, interesting stories, and the people behind them.

What excites you about content and writing?

The power of storytelling is unlike anything in the world, and I’m constantly stoked about the potential that words and writing have to not only start new conversations, but to also incite change. Be it an emotional or political change—the list is neverending in terms of what writing can do.

_______ is the best place in Los Angeles, because ________.

The Greek Theatre is the best place in Los Angeles, because there’s no better feeling than simultaneously watching your favorite band, drinking a carafe of red wine, and standing amongst the trees of Griffith Park all in one single night.

Anything else you’d like to plug?

I’m addicted to Glee gifs. And, more recently, Christmas-themed Glee gifs.