December Soapbox

December 21, 2017
- Extracurriculars
Author - Katherine Fox

A curated selection of what we’ve been doing, reading, and watching in the month of December. As the year winds down, we got reflective on the ups and downs that 2017 brought us—here are some highlights that piqued our interest while saying goodbye to a turbulent year.

We’re ready to greet 2018 with open arms, especially when it comes to helping fight for causes we believe in. Net neutrality was on our minds this past month, as the FCC voted to do away with net neutrality as we know it. Learn more about what you can do to fight the new regulations and keep the internet open here.

With a year filled with so much upheaval and anxiety, many channeled their frustration into art—specifically, music. Spotify rounded up the most listened to artists, tracks, and genres to showcase who and what ruled Spotify in 2017. Check it out.

But Spotify didn’t stop there: they went off platform with some awesome ads aimed at bringing out some of the more hilarious and enlightening tidbits from Spotify users this past year. From oddly perfect playlist names to the strange choices over workout tunes, click and be prepared to laugh.

Our team of developers in Ithaca are always pursuing the latest and greatest in all things tech. Sander took part in a 48-hour development jam and created a game. Play away and try to snag that high score.

Google seems to be our first outlet for asking questions and gathering news, so it’s no surprise that their roundup of Google searches for the year is enlightening. From the top people searched to the funniest questions asked, check out Google’s trends of 2017. And please, let us know why everyone seems to be searching “how to make slime.”

One thing that’s already got us excited for 2018? Ocean’s 8. The trailer dropped earlier this week and we hardly can wait until it’s released. June 2018 has never felt so far away.

Obviously, 2017 was a big year of binge-watching TV. And thanks to Netflix’s year in review, we get to see just what people are tuning into. 365 days opens up a whole lot of possibilities and 2017 saw more content than ever streaming to viewers. Check out the stats here.