Around the Arts District: Food Truck Finds

January 12, 2018
- Extracurriculars
Author - Katherine Fox

2018 looks great already. And from where we’re sitting, it tastes great, too. We’re amongst some of the trendiest and tastiest restaurants in LA—but there’s a whole different type of lunch spot that constantly confounds our tastebuds and has us craving more.

Two words: food trucks.

Food trucks bring a whole new level of excitement to lunch. Part of the fun is locating them and sorting out what daily specials are aboard the trucks. Will it be a glorious new taco or perhaps a bagel order that seems to always be sold out upon arrival? That’s up to the food truck gods.

We’ve got a few favorites that we eagerly await week after week, unafraid to walk down the road less traveled or even give up a precious parking spot just to be reunited with the beloved truck.

We’ll let you in on a not so big secret: tacos are a big deal in our office. We’re big, big fans. So, naturally, we love Guerrilla Tacos. Nearby at least twice a week, Guerrilla is the ultimate delight for any street taco aficionado who also appreciates an unexpected twist. Pro tip: bring your own hot sauce so you don’t have to go without a punch of heat when Guerrilla’s own sauce is sadly nowhere to be found.

We see no problem with walking into the office, only to walk right back out the door in order to catch a morning food truck before it drives off. Especially when the truck is the one and only Yeastie Boys. Everything LA is missing in a bagel joint, Yeastie Boys knows how to make a bagel and schmear taste like magic.

Free Range stops outside of Stumptown twice a week, and we’re certainly glad it does. Fried chicken may induce an unexpected food coma, but it sure is worth it.

We’ll continue to explore our surroundings by eating and drinking our way through the Arts District, so be sure to check back in for the next find in our neighborhood.