A Night with Jonny Greenwood’s Sewing Symphonies

March 08, 2018
- Extracurriculars

If you haven’t had the chance to see Paul Thomas Anderson’s Phantom Thread, here’s a word (or three) of advice: go see it.

But just in case you need further convincing, the soundtrack to the film (from Radiohead’s very own Jonny Greenwood) will most definitely do the trick. While the film may be a puzzling wonder upon first viewing, Greenwood’s equally intoxicating and unsettling score illuminates a love story with a twisted comedic element that is utterly irresistible.

For those who have been listening to the soundtrack on an infinite loop the past few months, Phantom Thread‘s live score event at the Theatre at Ace Hotel last week was quite the experience.

Hosted by Wordless Music and Spaceland—and featuring principals from London Contemporary Orchestra—audience members got the chance to soak up the sounds of Greenwood’s orchestrations in a truly perfect cinematic evening.

The night kicked off with cheers as the film was introduced by PTA and Greenwood; but the moment first cord was struck, all was silent and every single audience member was instantly enveloped in the world of Phantom Thread.

Enigmatic, alluring, and beautifully human, the score was piercing and soothing—perfectly bringing us through every moment of the film to create a movie experience like never before.

The live score event was unforgettable, and don’t be fooled by the cutting words from Phantom Thread‘s Cyril—the music is fabulous.