Grand Central Market: The Funkhaus Favorites

March 23, 2018
Author - Katherine Fox

We love food. So by transitive property, we love Grand Central Market. Located just a short drive from our LA office, it’s one of our favorite spots to grab a team lunch and sometimes have a run in with the one and only Mr. Jonathan Gold (evidence here).

The moment the Funkhaus team walks into the great oasis of GCM (are people calling it that? let’s make it a thing) we disperse and gather our favorite goods. Unsurprisingly, our ordering skills are fire. Here’s what we get.

For those looking for a taco fix, Tacos Tumbras a Tomas is your spot. Don’t let the long line deter you from enjoying these massive tacos in all their tasty, tasty glory. You may think three is your taco number, but here’s our tip: stop at two. Trust us, we’ve been there.
Horse Thief BBQ isn’t a centrally located stall within GCM, but its sweet smells of life-affirming BBQ meats and fried chicken will lure you outside to order. Delicious fries, great pickles, and coleslaw with just the right amount of vinegar: that’s a lunch for the ages. Their fried chicken sandwich makes Dylan’s list of top fried chick sandy’s in LA. It’s that good.

For those indecisive folks, let us introduce you to the art of sharing. One of our favorite orders brings together the Horse Thief fried chicken and Wexler’s Deli pastrami sandwiches. Going halfsies on these two items is a no-brainier once you realize how amazing it tastes to go bite for bite with both fried chicken and pastrami.

Any falafel lovers out there? Madcapra is the place for you. Its younger sibling is another LA favorite, the brick-and-mortar restaurant Kismet. Fresh, veggie-filled, and really dang good.

If you’re feeling some fish, head on over to La Tostadería, where the ceviche and fish tacos are sure to make all your wildest dreams come true.

No lunch at Grand Central Market is complete without some cold brew and a cookie from G&B Coffee. We always try to sound like we’re on the fence when someone suggests we all get cookies, but let’s be real—it’s always a yes; especially because they’re LA’s best. That’s a fact.

And there you have it. The Funkhaus Grand Central Market favorites—but full disclaimer: there’s so much good within the walls of GCM, this list could really go on and on. Are you hungry? We sure are.