Listen Up: The Funkhaus Podcast Picks

May 11, 2018
- Extracurriculars

“Do you listen to [insert current podcast obsession here]?” We find ourselves asking or answering that question quite often in our LA office.

Los Angeles. Land of the sun, celebrity, Dodgers, tacos, and long commutes. We love our city, but we don’t exactly love traffic. Enter podcasts: the sweet, sweet audio nectar that simultaneously enlightens, enlivens, and keeps us from collapsing into a state of utter boredom whilst driving.

When singing and bopping along to the soundtrack of your choice gets old (or you simply need a vocal break) podcasts are perfect. Entertaining and great dinner table fodder, podcasts are like today’s holy grail of cultural relevancy. Here at Funkhaus, we know a thing or two about design, content, and programming. We also like to think of ourselves as podcast connoisseurs.

Commuter musings, desk musings, morning routine musings. The world is your podcast oyster once you realize how many opportunities there are to listen. The power of the pod is undeniable, but with so many out there it can sometimes feel like an impossible world to enter. Fear no more.

Here we present the fully vetted list of podcasts worth your listen.

First up is Design Matters. Debbie Millman interviews creatives of all kinds, wrapping it into one perfect podcast.

Sometimes a podcast walks into your life and you finally realize that what you’ve been missing all along is a fictional tale told via the audio medium. That podcast is Sandra. A casual story featuring a stellar cast where A.I. also takes center stage? We’re in.

Any history buffs or political junkies out there? Pod Save America is witty, depressing, and inspiring all at the same timeā€”it’s a favorite and entertaining way to stay caught up on political happenings. Once you’ve had your fair share of politics and feel ready for a reset, we suggest you listen to Malcom Gladwell’s Revisionist History. And when regular history isn’t enough, there’s Hardcore History.

We love a good interview, which is why we have a roundtable of interview-centric staples in the podcast cache. WTF with Marc Maron is a must-listen. After all, he interviewed Obama. Yes, Obama. If interviews aren’t your thing, we suggest listening to the the trio behind My Brother, My Brother, and Me.

The Ringer offers up a buffet of podcasts that we could spend hours, months, and even years listening to. Channel 33 (Press Box is a winner), The Rewatchables, NBA Show, and Bill Simmons Podcast. That list is long, but they do podcasts the way podcasts should be done: really dang well.

Last but not least: Here’s The Thing with Alec Baldwin. Didn’t know that Alec Baldwin had a podcast? Now you do. You’re welcome.

Pop in your AirPods, queue up the speakers, and get listening. Funkhaus approved means you’re in for a great time.