Around the Arts District: The Coffee Roundup

June 14, 2018
- Extracurriculars
Author - Katherine Fox

Coffee flows in this office with as much frequency as La Croix, Coke Zero, and regular H2O combined. While a select few abstain from the coffee game, the majority of us have tried and true relationships with java.

Three pots down by 9:35? You bet. A latte at 4PM? Great idea. Rest assured that we’re well-caffeinated beings at most hours of the day. And that means we have a running list of favorites when it comes to getting the next 16 ounce cup of caffeine.

We already have a special spot for Blue Bottle because they play host to a number of food trucks that we frequent. Hint: Guerrilla. Blue Bottle is just around the corner from our office digs, and we can’t help it if we find ourselves there ordering a speciality drink mid-afternoon. Insider tip: coffee doesn’t judge you, so you can order that oat milk latte without any sort of shame.

Next up is Stumptown Coffee Roasters. Perfect for when you want a nice little jaunt from the office, Stumptown sells items with names like Kimchi Croissant and Ginger Citrus Sparkling Cold Brew, and they too bring us a food truck we dream about on a daily basis—Yeastie Boys Bagels. So much to love, so little time.

This wouldn’t be a coffee list without G&B Coffee, located inside the hallowed Grand Central Market. Yes, we know, we already mentioned this back in our lively list of Grand Central Market favorites. But where’s the rule that says a spot can’t make two lists? Their cold brew trumps all cold brews that ever came before.

Rounding out this list is a special Funkhaus favorite: Philz Coffee. And while it maybe technically is not in the Arts District, we will drive the whopping ten minutes, struggle to find parking, and wait in line just to get to it. And that’s saying a lot. You’ll understand the moment you try their Mint Mojito.

Not into coffee? We have one or two of those here. From the desk of Funkhaus’ Drew Baker comes the curve-ball of the century: the vegan chocolate milkshake from CafĂ© Gratitude, which is conveniently located down the street from us. Even though it is called Eternal, it is suspiciously no longer on the menu. That may or may not be larger sign from the universe that we should all abstain from eateries with menus that read like mantras.