Funkhaus is Still Stoked on Summer

August 10, 2018
- Extracurriculars
Author - Katherine Fox

We’re big fans of summer, less so of this heat. But let’s face it: they’re here. No, not the menaces behind poltergeist. We’re talking about the dog days of summer.

As the last official moments of summer descend upon us, we figured we might as well kick off the season’s farewell party with a roundup of seasonal festivities. Tip: read the following whilst sitting poolside.

Like any great summer activity, this existential journey through blog post begins and ends with a fan blasting or AC cranked up high. Once the life is restored deep within your bones, it is time to venture outside, which means you obviously need some food. We’re going to direct your attention to some more Jonathan Gold a la his 101 list.

There’s a naturally occurring phenomenon that takes place when the days reach peak heat: the entire city attempts to go west—or attempt any search for a body of water. The pilgrimage is always worth it when you reach that ocean breeze.

When you head back inside to restore your body temperature, why don’t you venture on over to the fully realized or imaginary bookshelf you own and pick a new read. Fact one: the world is full of books. Fact two: books are magic. So that makes reading the most achievable way to tap into a non-reality. Start with the NY Times’ Summer Reading List.

Sticking your head into the fridge to cool down is frivolous. Enjoying any sort of entertainment that is outdoor-centric is not. We thank the culture gods every day for bringing us fantastic concert venues. The Hollywood Bowl may be one of the best places on the planet for this reason alone: they’ve staged Annie and housed Bon Iver within the same month.

To work at Funkhaus is to flock to the Cinespia screenings at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery. We also love the OG experience at the ArcLight—extra points for optimal temperature. Legend states that certain celebrities get their screen time in on Sunday. Just putting that out there. And here’s something fun: many Funkhaus favorites from Sundance are now hitting theaters. Eighth Grade, Never Goin’ Back, and The Miseducation of Cameron Post are waiting to be viewed and reviewed.

Nothing says summer like some baseball and a Dodger Dog. The boys in blue are looking good. Strike that, the Dodger’s are looking great.

And when none of that sounds great, there’s that one last reprieve solidified into one revered word: vacation. Yes, we love LA. But as Funkhaus folklore says, all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. Kidding, there’s no Jack here. But surviving the August heat does call for some getaways: weekend, week-long, and so on. From Cabo and Greece to Chicago and San Francisco, a little R&R makes coming home to the sweaty city all that sweeter.

It’s hot. It’s summer. We’re doing just fine.