Cinespia Brings Out the Best of LA

September 07, 2018
- Extracurriculars
Author - Katherine Fox

Everybody has their own relationship with Los Angeles. Some days it is filled with genuine adoration, others are marked with a bit of cynicism, and sometimes the quintessential archetype gives way to comedic relief.

Much of the beauty of this city lies in the planes of existence—we’re all united by the intrinsic centripetal force that keeps this city alive, yet not one person’s LA is the same. To live here is to cultivate an entirely unique experience through the endless exploration that this city requires.

LA’s got many treasures. When you find them you not only help create your city, but you also see everything you lament fall to the wayside. That’s certainly what happens at Cinespia’s screenings at The Hollywood Forever Cemetery.

The premise seems almost too Hollywood. They show classic films created by the industry that runs this town. Celebrities show up. Elaborate photo booths offer up an endless scroll of Instagram content. On paper it feels over-hyped, but when you’re sitting on that grass eagerly awaiting the chance to watch a film, you can’t help but look around and love LA.

We get the chance to work alongside some of the entertainment industry’s best. From commercial production to studio giants, our day-to-day touches the world that these screenings celebrate. So we can’t help but feel an affinity towards a movie experience.

Boogie Nights, Scream, The Outsiders, Superbad, Harry Potter, Stand By Me, Ghost World. From cult favorites to iconic hits, the titles they screen only add to the magic. Sitting under the stars with a picnic spread and your filmic guilty pleasure projected ahead may or may not fall under the dictionary definition of LA living.

A Labor Day Weekend festivity for a Funkhaus film fan included a screening of the coming-of-age film, Now and Then. Forgettable to some and adored by others, it didn’t and doesn’t really matter if its your favorite film or first time watching—people show up because movies are magnetic; because they know that LA shines when genuine moments come to life.

Maybe it’s the buzz of the crowd, the picturesque palm trees that enclose the space, or the perfectly curated playlists that set the night off right—whatever it is, one thing is for sure: a Cinespia screening is one of the true treasures that makes up the city of LA.