September Soapbox

October 01, 2018
- Extracurriculars
Author - Katherine Fox

Fall is here! Rejoice, celebrate, and revel in the season—that’s what we’re doing. While you await the true sweater weather, we’ve got our roundup of what we watched, discussed, and read on repeat during the speedy month of September.

Great news for musical theatre and art fans dreaming of a mashup of the two worlds: there’s a Jean-Michel Basquiat Broadway musical in the works. Jon Batiste, the musician who heads up the band on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert is bringing Basquiat’s life to the Great White Way. Stay tuned for a cast album.

When Uber rebranded a few years back, the somewhat cryptic logo was met with a definite lack of enthusiasm. The in-house job was clearly a sophomore effort, and the updated branding done by Wolff Olins is a prime example of one of truest sayings around: it pays to pay the pros.

For any and all sports fan out there, new research just dropped that breaks down the age-old understanding that playing on your home turf gives you that added edge. A nice compilation of data and a whole lot of research produced the fascinating findings around which teams have the biggest home-court-field-rink advantage.

Before you toss that pizza box in the recycling bin, take this quiz that breaks down the recycling basics.

It’s been more than 100 years since a woman’s face graced any bill of U.S. currency. But thanks to a new AR experiment, Notable Women, that staggering fact gets to change. The app allows users to turn any U.S. bill into a female-focused item, highlighting and educating others about important female figures who shaped our nation.