Our Fine Friends: Floral Artist Lili Cuzor

February 22, 2015
- Our Fine Friends


Taking a trip with floral artist Lili Cuzor down to the Downtown LA Flower Mart is a lesson in wildflowers and in a little-known community.

Lili runs Tigers to Lilies, a homegrown (literally) business, providing wildflowers and plants for most of the needs you might have.

If you’ve been to our office, you’ve seen her plantscription service at work. Yeah, you read that right. New plants, every week, by subscription. She imagines the possibilities so you don’t have to.

Walking through the cornucopia of plants, from orchids in every color you can imagine to beasts of trees that we needed to ask Lili what they were called/where were they from/how did she know all of this off the top of her head, it became pretty clear that this was a lady in her element. From the vendors who all know her name, to her selective eye for the right plant to partner with our space, we couldn’t help but wonder where Lili finds her inspiration and how she spends her days.

Enjoy a few photos from our outing and a follow-up trip to her new studio. May we present, Our Fine Friends: Lili Cuzor.

Who are you?

Hi, I’m Lili and a forever admirer, student and ambassador of all living things green, including wildflowers and plants! I’m a floral artist with an emphasis on bringing some of that nature back indoors so that (you!) we might be reminded to stay connected.

Outline a day of your life.

Oh how I try (and try) to be a morning person, realistically though I usually wake up between 8 – 9am. Depending on the morning, a trip to the flower mart and/or nursery is in tow, followed by time in my studio, and then I set out to clients’ to take care of my weekly plant-scriptions. This is a service that I offer where I bring in plants and flowers into their homes, businesses, offices etc. and make their space greener, fresher, and hopefully a kiss more poetic with some wildflowers placed here and there. Lunch is tucked in there somewhere too, and then it’s either back to the studio or home. Once home I usually play some music, then it’s either tending to my garden and houseplants, taking my dog V.v. on a long walk through the hills where we live, taking a nap with my cats, or seeing if there is anything I can make for dinner for my husband and I. I love to cook! This usually entails a little wine or a beer too. Bedtime with a book and my boo is usually around midnight.

What inspires you?

Traveling to unfamiliar places is always a deep source of inspiration and replenishment for me. Otherwise I have to say I am inspired by Life. All the experiences, relationships, conversations, lessons learned and not yet learned. All the beauty that unfolds on a daily basis. It’s remarkable. Life is remarkable. So much to discover, uncover, rediscover. Really a constant source of inspiration!

What are your favorite wildflowers and plants of the moment?

Cleveland sage, Matilija poppies and California poppies are some of my favorite native wildflowers currently in bloom. Plant-wise I really have a fondness for the maranta plant right now, also known as ‘prayer plant.’

What do you listen to while working? While unwinding?

As a general rule, I always listen to music. At home, at my studio, in my car. It is a constant. To note, plants love music too! It’s a wonderful way to maintain positive vibes all around. Right now, I have Mulatu Astake, Brian Eno, and Indian Ragas on repeat.

Any go-to tips for improving a space with some plant-life?

If you want to start with a simple plant, may I recommend mother-in-law’s tongue (also known as ‘tiger’s tail’ in Japan). This is a low maintenance plant, needing very little watering and can do well in low light. However, what is most romantic about this plant is it’s ability to improve indoor air quality by absorbing toxins such as nitrogen oxides and formaldehyde, especially so at night while you sleep!