Field Trip To MCA Denver

November 04, 2014
- Extracurriculars


Last week, Funkhaus jetted off to Colorado to celebrate the opening of “Mark Mothersbaugh: Myopia” at MCA Denver.

A longstanding extended member of the Funkhaus fam, Mark Mothersbaugh has been creating a wide array of experiential, tactile, experimental and fine art pieces since he formed DEVO in the 1970s. To borrow a line from the press release, the show “explores the complex relationship between what is synthetic and what is authentic.” And there’s a must-have book released in conjunction, so y’all can (sort of) experience it right from your homes.

Flip through the gallery up top and you’ll see the amazing visual extravaganza at play. Special shout-out to Marc Baker, who was instrumental in pulling everything together. If you find yourself in the Denver-ish area, the show is open through April 15, 2015.