Midnight Modernism In Palm Springs

February 20, 2015
- Extracurriculars


Modernism Week in Palms Springs has begun and its celebrating 10 years of modern design, architecture, art, fashion and culture, but there’s one very impressive one-day-only exhibition we want to highlight.

It’s the latest series from talented Australian photographer Tom Blachford, who’s captured iconic Palm Springs mid-century residences in naught but the steely light of a full moon.

It is a stunning example of the the mid-century architecture and design that Modernism Week is all about, with some classic cars thrown in for good measure in a couple of the shots. The young photographer was also able to get unprecedented access to modernist meccas like the Kaufmann House, which is no mean feat.

The exhibition Iconic Home Tour & Party: Midnight Modern Exhibit in Twin Palms is taking place within the impeccably restored Menrad Residence, we recommend you get there and take a look. If you can’t get there, all prints from the show are available to buy in limited edition.

Photo credits: Tom Blachford