Watch ‘Artistry/Technology’ a Documentary with David Hockney, Francis Ford Coppola, Frank Gehry and more

March 30, 2015
- Extracurriculars

Technology is essential and shapes us over time and Artistry/Technology is a thought-provoking new documentary here to discuss just that.

We’re no longer the uncivilized people we were a long time ago, and we can thank innovation and technology for a lot of that. The FaceTimes, the emails, the Snapchats, the tablets and smartphones, the developments in architecture, fashion and film, the acceleration in what music playing devices look and sound like; it’s an exciting time to be alive.

Artistry/Technology, directed by Pablo Ganguli and Tomas Auksas, features some of the world’s greatest creative minds discussing the relationship between technology and creativity, the impact that arts and technology have had on one another in recent years, and how technology has influenced their life and work.

Visionaries such as Francis Ford Coppola, David Hockney, Frank Gehry and Ed Ruscha candidly offer their thoughts on how technology is shaping and changing the creative process, and eminent cultural contributors like Susan Sarandon, MIA, Miranda July, Kehinde Wiley, Daniel Arsham, Scott Belsky, Jonas Akerlund, and Simon de Pury (plus a great deal more artists, filmmakers, actors, musicians and designers too!) discuss their vision for the future and their own experiences as pioneering creatives in an increasingly technologically obsessed world.

Watch the documentary above, you won’t regret it.