Ambassador Hotel


The new site for the Ambassador Chicago marks our third collaboration with hotel supergroup, JOURNAL Hotels. With The Hollywood Roosevelt and Two Bunch Palms Spa and Resort under our belt, we had a good sense of what makes the JOURNAL team so unique, and were able to bring over certain programmatic elements, while designing a new digital face for the former Public Chicago.

JOURNAL likes to lean heavily on a design-forward UI that breaks a lot of the norms found in traditional hotel sites, like incorporating unconventional movements and full-bleed imagery. They know that many customers find their bookings on third-party sites that are all too often clunky and utilitarian, devoid of any aesthetic consideration. Knowing that, we doubled down on creating an experience that feels different and expresses the overall personality of the property and the parent company, JOURNAL.

Ambassador Chicago’s site borrows a lot of the skeletal structure from The Hollywood Roosevelt, but the architecture is simpler and reflects the elegance of the Gold Coast hotel. Fewer outlets on the property and an entire suite of new photography create a flow that is easy to navigate and expresses a sense of newness from a property that dates back to the roaring twenties. The site is future-proofed and built to expand as more outlets and collaborations come online. The end result is a site that can grow with this fabled property and function as an effective booking tool for this iconic hotel.