Audiomachine is a close-knit team of creatives, composers, and musicians who craft original scores exclusively for feature, TV, and gaming trailers or spots. One of the main differentiators and what keeps Audiomachine at the forefront of a competitive field is their micro-licensing capabilities housed right on site, so that even the smallest independent productions can have access to top-tier orchestral arrangements.

The team at Audiomachine came to us with a site that was dated, with music search capabilities that felt more Dewey Decimal than intuitive. Yet, with their core business grounded in the sonic space, we were presented with a simple, thoughtful challenge: how do we capture all the creative firepower of Audiomachine’s production pipeline when the final product doesn’t exist in a visual medium?

We designed a site that offers beautiful full-bleed imagery with smooth transitions to keep the user engaged. Lucky for us, Audiomachine had archives of fantastic key art from their impressive acoustic productions, be it Rogue One, Spiderman, The Lost City of Z, The Americans, Madden ‘18, or The Rio Olympics.

The next step was to design a one stop shop for licensing music. We broke down industry terms and jargon into digestible bits so the user could easily get a grasp on all the offerings and terminology. A six-step illustration guides the user through the process and an easy menu offers up licensing options to get you through checkout and back to the editing bay quickly.

The movements onsite are quick and well-balanced, and the implementation of a split screen video player on the work page encourages continuous interaction. We also added a news section, presenting the latest and greatest of Audiomachine culture in a seamless grid that will allow this creative team to keep their fans in-the-know as the company continues to create music that inspires.