Bacon & Sons


Bacon & Sons is a production studio focusing on commercial production, branded entertainment, network promotion, and digital and long-form programming.


They approached us with a few simple-yet-mandatory requests for a new brand identity:

(1) It must have a pig
(2) It required quirk and unexpectedness
(3) It had to reflect an Americana sensibility


With these guidelines in mind, we started sourcing old farming calendars and machinery brands, then broadened our search towards post-war industrial signage and diner menus from the 1950’s.

The brand integrates the pig in several use cases: a stationary pig is set atop the word Bacon, locking the word in place; the pig acts as a B&S stamp for collateral materials; finally, the pig can sit suspended whimsically under a hot air balloon. The floating pig is present in the motion graphics package that the client uses as pre-roll before their reels. As the pig ascends past the wordmark, it is plopped atop the mark, its final resting position.

This business card holds the Funkhaus record for thickest to date – it’s practically the weight of a drink coaster.


We also produced old ’50s-style hotel keychains and a ribbon for client packaging that further solidifies the hand-made, Americana nature of the brand.baconsons02

“We’ve been left with a visual identity that is perfectly scalable and malleable, yet remains true to its ideal. And it makes you smile. What’s better than that?”