David Black


Los Angeles-based photographer and director David Black was in need of a simple site to house his incredible portfolio, which ranges from portraits of pioneers like David Lynch, to collaborations with Daft Punk, to brand campaigns for Shinola.

With a wide array of dynamic projects spanning photos and motion, it was important to create a website that had an easy navigation and large imagery, that shared consistent sizing and scale across stills and film. Having worked with David on our Reebok Rally project, we had a solid understanding of his aesthetic needs, and aimed our sights on creating a digital experience that took cues from to his recently published monograph, Cerro Gordo.

Cerro Gordo is a photo-memoir of Black’s two year stint living on the hillside street by the same name in the eastside neighborhood of Echo Park. The daydreamy photos were sculptural in subject, and the layout wasn’t afraid of negative space. We chose to employ a similar theme in design by using an asymmetrical grid that holds both still and motion picture. Click onto one of those items and you’re moved to a left-aligned detail image or video. This simple effect creates a slightly off-balance experience that keeps the user moving from one story to the next. Left and right arrows appear as the user hovers over the image, inviting them to explore more of the subject.

The end result is a bright, clean, and effective portfolio site that lets David’s work shine at maximum resolution.