Flood Magazine


FLOOD Magazine is a hub for music, film, art and culture news, to help you “stay above the current.” After starting Filter Magazine in the early 2000’s, the partners at FLOOD came to us with a clear ambition: to create a content-driven website that would translate their new printed magazine’s experience online.

“Funkhaus designed a website for FLOOD that stands on its own as a high quality piece of art, matching in digital form the same unique aesthetic we aim for in our printed magazine, while still maintaining a seamless user experience.”

They needed a design fluid enough to work with a range of content including longform, videos, galleries, and events. We challenged ourselves to break out of the grid format and find a visually-engaging way to house material covering myriad genres.

Feature stories allow for strong principal photography, while print-inspired headline and call-out text design establish the editorial look that’s crucial to FLOOD’s identity. We added functionalities on the event pages to allow FLOOD to manage RSVPs made directly through their site, not to mention a robust option pool for integrated display advertising units.