Furlined is a prestige commercial production company named after Meret Oppenheim’s surrealist sculpture, Object.

“Funkhaus are complete professionals with a surplus of patience. They were absolutely lovely to collaborate with and they truly delivered the perfect website for Furlined.”

Rather than overcomplicating the often overwhelming challenge of structuring one’s web presence, they asked that we make their site incredibly “shallow” – all site sections a simple click away. Artful simplicity.

Finding the intersection between art and advertising is central to Furlined’s working ethos, so we employed that directive towards their design to create a simple and elegant site. The homepage defaults to a news section which, like the director reels, has an asymmetry to draw the viewer down the page in exploration. Using location detection, the site defaults to the market in which the viewer is located (US or UK), allowing one to toggle between the two regions.