Hey Baby


The producing team at Hey Baby had just formed their new production company and looked to Funkhaus to establish a brand identity with gravitas.


With a familial approach to doing business, our work had to create a system that would be recognizable and trustworthy. It was also important to strike a balance of playfulness to match the name itself, yet not push so far that it became unserious.
Henri Matisse, “Memory of Oceania” (1953)

Inspired by their team’s connection to Scandinavian design, we took a geo-sans approach that stacked the two words, making it more of a logo than a traditionally-read phrase.

Then to further lend warmth, we matched this with a rich, contemporary orange, inspired by the Cut-Outs of Henri Matisse.

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Finally, a hand-drawn “HB” monogram is a humanized element of the brand that can be used when the application calls for it – whether letterhead or other collateral items.