London Alley


London Alley is the go-to music production company for the world’s biggest pop and R&B stars, making vibrant, provocative videos that dominate our newsfeeds for days.

London Alley wanted a website that would reaffirm their standing as a top-tier production resource for pop and hip hop artists, while also demonstrating their aptitude for large-scale traditional production work. With hundreds of music videos for top artists like Pharrell, Miley Cyrus, and Calvin Harris, and commercials for big brands like Jeep, Beats Music and Coca-Cola, they certainly have a portfolio of work to command a stunning site.

To highlight the energy of all of their dynamic content, we built a site with viral videos in mind. On work pages and reels, you can hover over image thumbnails to see moving GIFs. This movement is paired with a minimal design aesthetic and bold type decisions to keep the site work-focused and on-brand.