Native is an LA-born commercial production agency who opened their doors in 2008 and now occupies offices on both coasts. A diverse collective of self-starters, they wanted a brand that embodied their Angelino roots and captured a sense of adventure and discovery.


Native founder, Tomer Devito, had a very clear vision of what he wanted, something as simple as a signature on a check with the support of highly illustrative elements to back it up. He also asked that we incorporate an element of nature, being an avid outdoorsman and fisherman himself.


We began by pulling inspiration from classic sign-painters and pinstripers, aiming to create a legible mark that would have a strong foundation in a hand-done script. After intensive sketching in early rounds, we settled on the logo you see captured in a simple circle, adding supporting texture to give a natural grit to the brand.



We developed two takes on the design – one that can act as the more professional, corporate-facing mark with the logo as a stand-alone, and the second is more playful, using the logo superimposed over a image of a mountainous terrain.