Resource LA


Resource is one of the most forward-thinking representation companies, with some of the top production, editorial, post-production, and experiential names on their roster. Having built websites for many of their clients, including Biscuit Filmworks, The Directors Bureau, and WoodShop, it was time to take their minimal holding page into a new, quirky dimension.

We wanted to design a page that could be simple in its architecture but retain the unique feel of the company. We also wanted to create an official logo they could move forward with for years to come, which began by dropping off the “LA” that was tacked onto the end, to just become Resource.

The finished product is a site that grabs your attention from start to finish. When you land on the homepage, you’re greeted with rapid-fire imagery, which comes to a stop to reveal a split screen. The left side holds their roster, and the right flashes with updates from their latest work and news. Primary colors are used to create a hierarchy between the list of represented companies. One click reveals a sliding drawer that offers up what the company does alongside a link to their website.

The entire site is marked by fun movement and bold font and color. Our favorite part? Stay on the page without moving your mouse for one minute and you’ll see a black screen with PAY ATTENTION in bold colors flashing across it, a phrase that has come to be associated with the signature wit that is Resource.