Swell Creative Group


To make lasting change, you have to inspire action. That’s where Swell Creative Group comes in. Working at the forefront of digital activism, Swell crafts politically driven communication campaigns that aim to activate people on important issues. Whether they are working with Twitter educate users on safety or are making history with Raise The Wage, one thing always remains the same: when others shy away from conflict, Swell is not afraid to fight.

We wanted to design a website that was incredibly straight-forward with nothing to hide—just like Swell. Everything from their brand philosophy to the way they approach projects focuses on authenticity and simplicity, so creating a website that reflected that ethos made perfect sense. They needed a place where they could tell their story and showcase their work in a unique fashion. We wanted to give Swell a site that not only captured their spunky spirit and no-nonsense attitude, but was also equipped to change as quickly as the world we live in.

The end result is a lively site that illuminates the creative, forward-thinking company that Swell is—and the work that comes from them—right out of the gate. The homepage features a rapid-fire loop of hero images that showcase their views or interests within the political and social landscape, and the images and messaging can be easily changed on a daily basis if needed. The navigation is revealed with the click of a dial, rather than a hamburger menu, and the design draws inspiration from protest posters, utilizing a serif typeface that reads big and bold to further showcase the personality and passion behind Swell.