The Hollywood Roosevelt


The Journal Group is reinventing the hospitality game in Los Angeles. The principals approached Funkhaus to redesign The Hollywood Roosevelt’s website and create a future-thinking, easy to use, and content-forward digital experience for the legendary property.

“We loved their vibe from day one, and there was an instant understanding that this group of creatives were aligned and excited to help us execute our brand’s vision.”

Funkhaus’ challenge from the start was to design a website for a famous, storied hotel that would feel fresh and timeless. We needed to build a digital platform that could appeal to a broad audience interested in booking a room, hosting an event, eating at a restaurant, or sitting poolside.

We underwent a thorough audit of their existing site architecture and made recommendations to combine sections that had become unwieldy and complex. With infrastructure in place, our designers worked with a color palette inspired by classic Hollywood, pairing gold with two contrasting typefaces to balance modernism with nostalgia. The navigation is smooth and streamlined and the imagery is big and bold.

“Funkhaus’ attention to detail is unparalleled, and their vested stake in our product was so resolute, that through each phase of the design process, they made us feel more and more comfortable and confident knowing their conviction and commitment level to authenticity was always in the forefront. They truly understand how to design for the end user, the consumer.”

The result is a very fluid user experience and one that we view as a standout in the hotel and travel space.


“Funkhaus brought amazing visuals, and experiential user friendly ideas, as well as well thought out and concise research that backed up the many ideas that they presented. We now have a very synergistic brand platform that is unique to its historic assets, but works, looks, and relates to all levels of like minded nomadic and modern travelers.”

The Hollywood Roosevelt required a complete overhaul of their existing copy, from top level messaging to room descriptions to events and weddings brochures. In tandem with design, we researched The Hollywood Roosevelt’s competitors within the hospitality sector, and also pulled from various on-brand blogs to develop a tone that is at once iconic and modern. From there, we took to crafting the words page by page, landing on “Classic Redefined” for The Cabanas and “A Modern Hollywood Revival” for The Tower, which set the scene for the entire site.

Along with the release of The Hollywood Roosevelt, we launched a cultural platform called Teller that conveys the interests of the principals of the Journal Group, who own The Hollywood Roosevelt and various other storied properties. Take a deeper dive on the publication’s website.