The Lift


The Lift is the premier commercial production and production services company in Mexico, providing their many clients with unforgettable experiences in and around CDMX.

“We chose Funkhaus because they understood our needs from the moment we first briefed them.”

The Lift wanted a website that could reflect their globally-respected production services offerings and acclaimed roster of directors. Just as important, we needed to build something that could serve as an effective sales tool for their company and advocate for the many benefits of production in Mexico.

We sought for simplicity with just a touch of flare. A nuts-and-bolts navigation is used, but this is the first website where we employed a page-split video player that allows the user to stay on the page while viewing content.

Integrating nods to the identity system, the website is a seamless extension of their brand: rich, premier content that breathes within an elegant, timeless design.



The Lift had a brand that didn’t resonate on the same premier level of service that the company was delivering to their clients. We were tasked to elevate it to a timeless, internationally relatable identity. Using their legacy logo framework, “The Lift” set within the bottom of a box outline, we literally lifted their name up to the top of the box.

Recreating the rules around spacing, we provided a supplemental font with a lot of character to soften the geometric mark. With this polished new brand identity in place, we built a collateral suite complete with their now signature bold red, a nod to the vibrant culture of Mexico City.



With the launch of The Lift’s website, we kicked off a content program aimed at establishing the company as a resource for all things Mexico, the definitive production and production service company in the country, and a coveted collaborator for companies in advertising across the world.

We developed a content strategy comprised of blog and social media posts that would emphasize work, brand, location, and culture designed to attract audience, increase engagement, and reinforce the premiere standing of the company. Over the course of our work with The Lift, we’ve broadened that content across print collateral and continued content-based efforts to illuminate The Lift’s unique cultural and professional point of view.