The Third Floor


A leader in the pre-visualization/post-visualization game, The Third Floor is company on the cutting edge of what is possible in digital production. They came to us with a Flash-heavy website that was non-responsive and didn’t speak well to their groundbreaking work. Everything but the logo had to go, so we had a lot of freedom to design something that would capture all the possibilities that come with working with these technological wunderkin.

The Third Floor touches film, television, commercials, gaming, VR and even theme park attractions, so we knew the UI had to appeal to a large swath of the production space. Our challenge was discovering a way to explain these very complex and different processes in a clear visual structure. Adding to that was the simple fact that, although the finished product in the VFX world is stunning, the process of getting there is often visually lackluster, employing a lot of line art and pixilated graphics.

We combated this by integrating interesting movements throughout the site. Asymmetrical grids click through to large, high-resolution imagery within project case studies. This, mixed with a full bleed sizzle reel on the homepage, creates an almost game-like experience, encouraging the user to move around the site effortlessly. Dots on the right side of the reels page invite the user to click through the work, giving a bird’s-eye view of what is up next.