WoodShop is a company of true brand experts, specializing in VFX, live action, design, editorial, and more. After building their first site many years ago, they returned to us with a sharpened focus to create a website where they could showcase their work through robust case studies and flashy, vibrant imagery.

Woodshop celebrates continued collaborations with many of their most prized clients, with work spanning years, campaigns, and products. This posed a unique design challenge to ideate a way for their case studies to share equal footing no matter how much work was involved in each. We solved this on the detail pages using a retractable thumbnail tray, and employed a custom color switcher on the back-end so the client can change the hover-state color of text on work grids.

We also employed a page split expander for the case studies that allows the user to view behind-the-scenes from each project, whether that be storyboards or videos.


WoodShop has a diverse array of offerings and enduring relationships with brands, but when they approached Funkhaus, they didn’t have a concise way of explaining that to their audience and potential readership.

Working closely with their internal team, we developed case studies that covered the breadth of their work, refined brand messaging across the About and Service sections of their site, and wrote blog posts to announce new staff and delve deeper into the movie magic they infuse into their spots.