Not All Content is Created Equal

May 04, 2018
- Thought Leadership

Leave it to Bill Gates to give his essay a title using just three simple words—words that would ultimately turn into a prolific adage. You’ve heard it and maybe you’ve said it: Content is king.

While Bill Gates’ essay was penned and published in 1996, those three words still hold true. In fact, the more tech-centric we get, the more content-focused each and every one us becomes. Think about it. We’re just a tap away from limitless information. Opinion features, television spots, social posts, news notifications, inconsequential updates in any form—it’s constant content and we all want a piece of it.

Not long ago, we made our case for original content. From added SEO value to longer-lasting audience connections, crafting content (rather than repurposing it) is an exercise that will always reap rewards—albeit some that are a bit more measurable than others.

We’re big fans of original content, that much is clear. But not all content is created equal, which can sometimes make it feel like a tough nut to crack. It’s a bit illusive, seemingly indefinable, and entirely transformable. People often get lost somewhere between asking “why does it matter?” and “where do I start?” and eventually throw in the towel. But we’ll let you in on a little secret. Through our work creating content programs for clients across verticals, we’ve built an arsenal of maneuverings that get us to that sacred place where great content meets added value. Why does it matter and where should you start? Start with a story—that’s what matters.

Not just any story; we’re talking about your brand’s story and the stories that continue to drive your business each and every day. Think of your brand as a protagonist. It has opinions, likes, dislikes, trials and tribulations. And just like that, everything becomes a story.

At the most basic level, content that brings value does so because it connects with people. You want more traffic on your website? Or want to be seen as a leader in your sector? Storytelling is the connective tissue of it all.

As humans, we’re intrinsically drawn to stories. We crave real, unabashed storytelling—we need it to survive. Fake news? Try authentic, cultivated, and powerful news. That’s where every brand should be. You shouldn’t be afraid of spending time developing a brand narrative and voice that will enable you to actively engage with your audience. And, more importantly, you shouldn’t be afraid of taking that brand narrative and throwing it out into the world.

Believing in your brand means telling the stories behind, around, and within it. Whether it’s announcing an upcoming project, discussing an exciting office happening, or conducting an interview with an individual in your industry, there’s a story there—and we’re eager to help you tell it.

Fearlessness is an essential component when it comes to brand growth. We think that extends to the stories you share. In our world today, a narrative and space where original content can live is imperative not just to stand out, but to showcase that you can cultivate and add to an ecosystem in a larger, deeper sense. People want to connect and dig deeper—it’s our job to help your company develop the content that will get people there.

“Oh, people don’t actually want to hear about x, y, z…”

Wrong. Everything is content. Everything is a story. To quote the late and great Nora Ephron, “Everything is copy.” Just because it’s something you see every single day doesn’t mean it’s not a tale worth telling.

Great content makes people feel. It makes people wonder, question, dream, discuss. Great content can take on so many different forms depending on what it is that your brand does, but the guiding light should always be centered around the ethos that makes your brand what it is today.

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