The Minimalist’s Content Survival Guide

May 29, 2018
- Thought Leadership

There are two types of people in this world: those who regularly utilize more than 140 characters and those who do not—otherwise known as content maximalists and content minimalists.

Thanks to some dudes with names like Zuckerberg, Gates, Jobs, and Dorsey, we’re living in a world made for and catering to content maximalists. Our reality is one in which a single fact can be spewed out and regurgitated into an endless collection of headlines, captions, tweets, and so on. This constant everything makes the world of content creation an alluring, maddening, or stressful place depending on who you ask.

It can feel like a giant game of keeping up with the Joneses where you can’t help but feel the pressure to post. If this direct competitor is pushing new posts into the digital stream regularly, then I should be too, right? It’s a loop we’ve both created and become accustomed to; but we’re ignoring perhaps the most important fact: only the authentic will survive.

Identifying as both a staunch content purist and a storyteller who sees language, words, and commas as the lifeblood of all that is good in this world, I simultaneously understand the value of curation but also balk at forced brevity. But just as much as I believe in the power of the pen, I also believe in the power of authentic, purposeful content.

Consumers are smart. Just because you have the platform to create content doesn’t mean you should do so blindly, carelessly, and constantly. That impulse to do so (you know, the one you’re feeling right now) is a byproduct of the system we now function within—one in which we’ve become numb and desensitized to the quality of content. But empty words that have no strategic basing or relevant pull function like static.

That’s not the point of content.

Whether we’re working with production companies or hospitality brands, the Funkhaus content team always takes the same approach: quality over quantity, purpose over noise.

Because let’s be honest: authentic storytelling is the only kind that matters. Before you push a blog post live or upload an image to Instagram, ask yourself honestly—why does this matter and what does this add? Every brand has their own take on the world—that’s what led you to where you are today. Hone in on that and focus on curating and cultivating content that is meaningful to both your audience and to you.

This isn’t saying that you need Pulitzer-worthy work every week. Far from it. There just needs to be a point, a reason, and a value. Entertain, incite, educate, profess—whatever you choose, just do it in a way that feels true to your brand.

Whether you’re looking to convert to content minimalism or want to learn more about the path to less is more enlightenment, hit us up.