Welcome to the Age of Embracing Experimentation

July 16, 2018
- Thought Leadership

There comes a time in every brand’s life where one must weigh the pros and cons (listed out thrice times over) before proceeding to work on a project that may seem a bit unprecedented.

Do you move forward into the unknown or do you stay safely where you are?

Enter Funkhaus, coming at you with some intergalactic inspirational talk and urging you to move ahead with a resounding yes. What are we talking about?

Without sounding like a phrase straight from the pages of a self-help book or an inspirational podcast episode, we’ll just go out and say it: taking a chance on your brand is worth it. Toning down the hyperbolic nature for one second, taking a chance can truly mean a number of things: venturing into social media, activating newsletter sends each week, publishing a branded piece of printed collateral, establishing your next office in another galaxy. Like we said, a number of things.

We’re telling you it’s more than okay to invest in unexpected ways in your brand; there is a payoff—big or small—that comes with experimenting in any way, shape, or form.

Like all things that relate to your brand, it’s easier said than done. That’s why taking a chance can amount to things very big or incredibly small. It feels like a risk at times because you’re utilizing your own resources on yourself. Not a client with a budget, not a crystal clear payoff. But we’re talking about baby steps here. Subtle shifts that encourage new thinking and fresh perspectives whether you’re solving problems or kickstarting initiatives.

We’re not suggesting that you dive straight into AI (although we definitely do support that) or relaunch a website just because—after all, no thought should end with because; it’s the words after that truly drive it. Because why? That’s where you distinguish and find worth. It’s a thrilling equation that keeps you focused and able to defend the big, bad why.

We’re venturing into a motion-driven website because we have a plethora of work that will shine utilizing micro-movements across the platform.

We’re creating an editorial program that will function digitally and in print because we want to showcase our copy skills in a variety ways—from brevity-heavy to long-form.

Now you try it.

The why makes the action purposeful. But it’s important to note that experimenting does not mean forgoing, bypassing, and obliterating consistency. Nope, no, not at all. The last thing you want is to throw caution to the wind and have zero direction. To experiment does mean, however, that you’re able to take the time to explore new technologies, avenues, and platforms in ways that are unique to you.

At Funkhaus, we strive to toggle between passion projects with payoff. Whether that’s developing new technology that we can readily use with our projects for clients or creating a print publication that harnesses our passion for what we do day in and day out, we believe in the power of experimentation to open up new opportunities, revitalized ways of thinking, and interesting conversations.

Whether you are looking to begin using new tools to measure success and plan out projects or want to reinvent your digital presence in a truly innovative way—experiments that are driven by a realized want and perceived value have the power to translate into data shifts that we all circle back to from time to time. As an added bonus, putting work into internal projects—no matter the size—is akin to proclaiming your passion, ingenuity, and dedication without even saying it—it’s a humble brag without a touch of brag at all.

So, what’s your next move? We’d love to hear about it. Maybe we’ll venture into the unknown together.