The Funkhaus Film Series: Technology Edition

July 20, 2018
- Extracurriculars

There is a phenomena that happens numerous times a week in our office that has just recently been scientifically named. It’s called the Funkhaus film frenzy.

It goes a little something like this: a Funkhaus team member turns to the office and mentions a movie that is set to premiere imminently or resurfaced in their particular psyche. Conversation ensues for an unidentified period of time. Everyone returns to work in a haze of film happiness.

Movie titles, actor resumes, and obscure director facts are prevalent and regular office fodder here at Funkhaus. Good thing many of our clients are embedded in it or industry adjacent—we get a fix every single day.

Left: accurate depiction of how movies make us feel.

Such film fervor is how this series was born. First on the docket? Tech-centric, hacker-filled, futuristic films. Tapping into a film topic that draws from our own day-to-day work only required a simple prompt in Slack.

The channel went wild! Favorites were spewed! Top picks summoned and flagged with the gamut of emojis! It was beautiful, wonderful madness. And now we get into the list. Warning: you may want to get that Netflix queue ready.

Her: If the GIF above didn’t make it clear, Her is on this list. It’s unclear if the reality of our not-so-distant future will have Scarlett Johansson as the voice of AI, but the film is a stunning and eye-opening look at what our relationship is with tech.

Hackers: It’s a cult classic for a reason. Who wouldn’t want to watch a group of 90s high schoolers get involved in some corporate conspiracy and have incredible hacker names? Answer: not one person. I mean, look at them. Pretty badass.

The Social Network: Long before the whole privacy drama swept Facebook, The Social Network was the version of the company we relished to believe. It’s an incredible film with enough punchy lines to make one go mad. We’ll leave you with this perfect line from Jesse Eisenberg’s Zuckerberg. “You know, you really don’t need a forensics team to get to the bottom of this. If you guys were the inventors of Facebook, you’d have invented Facebook.” Boom.

WarGames: The 80s had lofty dreams about what the future would hold, which included time traveling cars, cyborgs, space-living, and a young Matthew Broderick hacking his way in and out of war and world destruction. Jury’s still out on just how well video games can prepare you for world-saving ops.

Swordfish: An ex-con, computer hacker, and bank robbery scheme walk into a bar and bring Swordfish to life, a film that is beloved by some and moderately detested by others. Either way, it’s pretty fun to see Hugh Jackman embrace the tech lord lifestyle.

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo: Mind-boggling books often do not lead to mind-boggling movies. This is surely not the case for this film. Dark, dramatic, and Rooney Mara-centric, it does a great job of capturing what a real hacker is like—tech team approved.

Ghost In The Shell: If this film (Japanese OG version) reminds you a bit of The Matrix, then let us be the ones to tell you a revelation—the latter ripped off big parts of the former. Ghost In The Shell created their fantastic world first, and it’s a cyber dream.

But wait, there’s more.

So, this is a film list, but we cannot leave this roundup without mentioning some television greats. The small screen is just as thrilling!

Silicon Valley: It’s an obvious addition and office favorite. A tech startup tale with the cringe-worthy, failure-filled, and hilarious ups and downs that come with seeing innovative tech come to fruition.

South Park: There’s World of Warcraft episode that a Funkhaus insider said is “all time amazing.” That’s a pretty great statement to make.

Mr. Robot: Sure, Elliot may be a bit intense, but he hacks into everything and is saving the world one Evil Corp takedown at a time. Pretty good, right?

Halt and Catch Fire: What could possibly make a show centered on the technology boom and birth of the World Wide Web even better than its premise? Kickass music supervision. Give the playlist over there a listen, trust us.

And that’s it—the Funkhaus film series’ inaugural rendition. Until next time, fellow cinephiles.