October Soapbox

November 05, 2018
- Extracurriculars

October, we hardly knew you. We had a few days of rain and 28 others that were full of sun, but rest assured we had 31 days to cultivate a collection of things to read, see, talk about, and sing along to. Here’s what October looked like for Funkhaus.

We won’t waste any time and get this out straight away: go vote! Tomorrow is the day, and our LA and NY outposts can’t wait to get out and exercise our right to take to the polls. Whether you’re standing in line, dropping off the ballot, or relishing in the fact that you voted via mail three weeks ago, wear that sticker with pride. Here’s to hoping November 7th is a good one.

Speaking of politics, we’re stoked for Adam McKay’s upcoming Chaney-centric film Vice. Christian Bale, Amy Adams, Steve Carell, and Sam Rockwell are all giving us déjà vu circa 2000. The film also features the editing work of one of our creative clients: Lost Planet’s Hank Corwin. Give the trailer a watch for a peek into the past.

The MOCA recently reinstalled Untiled (Questions) created by LA-based artist Barbara Kruger. It’s a profound piece of wall work that poses queries that certainly seem fitting in today’s landscape. Drive on by and take in the piece that will be up through November 2020.

Halloween is over but this gem of a tune will forever be on the Funkhaus office playlist.

Project launch alert: We had a lot of fun creating the new website for Company Films that’s full of personality and spunk.

We’re suckers for some great package design. And some may say the same goes for whiskey. Method and Madness whiskey checks both boxes for us.

And with that we say adios to October. November, you look good already.