The Power of Three

November 28, 2018
- Longform

We may not be experts in the world of numeric sayings and phrases, but we definitely think Andy Warhol said it best with regards to the glorious number three:

“One’s company, two’s a crowd, and three’s a party.”

We can’t say for sure, but it’s highly possible that Andy was talking about the magical trio that fuels Funkhaus: design, programming, and content. And if a powerful web of designing, building, and breathing life into a website isn’t your definition of a party, then I’m not sure what is.

Whether you’re looking to enter the digital sphere, revamp a website, or infuse new life into your brand, it’s impossible to go through the process of creating for the web without coming into contact with those who design, those who program, and those who write the words—all bringing their own strategic expertise and held together by the connective tissue of process, of course.

The big three. The trifecta. The power trio. Triple threat. There’s a moniker for every day of the week, which just so happens to be how often programming, design, and content work together here at Funkhaus.

No matter the specific business goal we’re aiming to reach or creative solution we’re working to employ, we approach each project with a multiplicity of perspectives that result from bringing all three together.

Creating in a vacuum may work for some, but not when it comes to making a multi-layered website that employs countless external factors and qualities. And let’s be real: the whole isolated artist paradigm feels a bit like a romanticized myth in this day and age—a myopic view in the world of creation only goes as far as the singular voice that drives the work.

That’s why we keep our developers, content strategists, and designers under one roof. A content eye may identify a strategic opportunity for a news section that design didn’t think of, programming may suggest a specific tech innovation to elevate the design team’s vision, and design may open up an entirely new avenue for company messaging by using a unique visual identity. Foresight is afforded to those who think beyond a singular skill set and point of view, and foresight illuminates new opportunities and modes of creation.

While we’re not claiming to be able to predict the future, keeping it all in-house enables us to work within a custom headspace so that we’re nimble and eager to seek out what’s different.

Having the luxury to bounce ideas off of one another, think strategically beyond the given scope, and make informed design, build, and content decisions across the board is a core force of success here at Funkhaus. And it’s a luxury we know not all studios and agencies can afford.

We live in a world where modes of communication make it easy to pass decisions along without having all of the important voices in the room. Rather than go through a process where strategy and vision are regurgitated through a long game of telephone, we get all of the key players in the room so that any project—big or small—has the ability to evolve in a way that is true to the client’s needs.

We’re not interested in designing a website that doesn’t draw from a variety of angles or programming a functionality that isn’t guided by deeper elements of strategy. Everything should be purposeful and rooted in a process that is multi-faceted. Or, in our case, tri-faceted—and yes, that may be a made-up word.

When programming, content, and design live and work in perfect harmony, great things happen. And for those not convinced, give us a ring. We’d love to introduce you to our party of three.