January Soapbox

February 04, 2019
- Extracurriculars

Funkhaus here—reporting live from 2019, where the LA rain continues to dominate conversation, resolutions are still somewhat on the mind, and February has finally arrived.

One month into the new year and we can definitively say we’re fans of 2019. After some holiday R&R, we hit the ground running and sprinted through the marathon that was January; here’s a sampling of what captured our attention during the opening weeks of 2019.

The Super Bowl happened and it was quite a bore. But here’s something that wasn’t yawn-inducing: the Andy Warhol Burger King commercial. The scene of Warhol eating a Whopper is equal parts odd and entrancing. Outside of Warhol, we can’t talk about ads without looking to Bumble’s Serena Williams spot, which brought a whole lot of action to the screen.

Slack users everywhere were hit with a mid-month messaging surprise when Slack dropped a new logo onto digital platforms near and far. Fully embracing the whole “new year, new me” mentality, Slack pulled a move not unlike Uber and unveiled a simpler look. Change is inevitable, but that doesn’t mean you have to like it.

“Minding the Gap” is a gem of a film that caught our eye this month. For those who dig the trailer, head on over to Hulu and get your documentary-viewing on.

Speaking of streaming, we can’t talk about January without bringing up the Fyre Festival films that graced our collective viewership. In lieu of you picking a favorite documentary, we suggest giving this NY Times piece a read.

The Big One: Your Survival Guide was the leader in the AirPod content this month. The podcast takes preparedness to a whole new level and offers up quite a few tips for what do when things get shaky.