April Soapbox

May 02, 2019
- Extracurriculars

Welcome, ladies and gents, to the month of May; a time where month-themed memes rule and Game of Thrones continues to dominate conference room discussion. Here’s what caught our attention this past month when we weren’t discussing dragons and thrones.

Let’s kick this off by giving the LA Clippers a big pat on the back for providing our office with exciting lunch fodder all season long. Now it’s time to get ready for another Funkhaus favorite: baseball.

April 12th marked the 100th anniversary of Bauhaus. Google spruced up their search page with some fun Bauhaus influences and an intriguing supplemental editorial. Give it a read.

We’ve got a lot of musical tastes in this office. Nirvana has a regular spot on our office playlists, so we obviously couldn’t resist diving into this NPR gem that’s part of their awesome American Anthem series.

Patagonia is no stranger to environmental initiatives. One of their latest projects is a film from Patagonia Provisions, Unbroken Ground, that digs deeper into the connection between the food we eat and the damage our planet is enduring. Fun fact: the film was directed by Chris Malloy, who happens to be part of the Farm League family—a Funkhaus client.

Last month we launched two websites, both of which speak to the individual brand’s unique identity and needs. Check out Chris Hardwick’s ID10T, a website with a wink that cultivates the distinct facets of the community. We also launched a vibrant visitor-centric site—check out Ithaca, New York’s aptly named Live In Ithaca.

There’s a new food festival in town and it’s a city-wide wonder called LA Food Bowl. The foodie dreamland lasts the entire month of May (yes, that means 31 days of food), so apologies in advance if we’re a bit slow on those emails. While we’re talking about events with the word “bowl” in it, we also can’t wait to hit up the Wine Bowl, which is taking over Highland Park Bowl. RSVP and we’ll see you there.

April brought the LA Art Book Fair to town, and trust when we say it was a book-art-design-lover’s dream. Two members of our design department, Rick and Mackenzie, headed to the LA Art Book Fair. Read more about their design-centric day here.