June Soapbox

July 01, 2019

Funkhaus here, reporting live from July. As we prepare for our 4th of July festivities and the exciting projects that this next month has in store, we can’t help but take a look back at June. Check out what populated our Slack channels and lunch table chatter last month.

Looking for an interview packed with equal parts inspiration and design insight? Funkhaus Creative Director, Dave Funkhouser, was interviewed by The Design Kids, where he shared tales from his career beginnings, what he looks for in a new hire, and so much more. Give it a read!

Posters can be so much more than the faces of teen idols plastered across your bedroom wall. This New Yorker piece takes us through the collective journey of rule-breaking and artistically attuned posters that influenced the art world in more ways than one.

The Ringer’s four part escapade that is “The 100 Best Moments in Culture in 2019” is a journalistic endeavor to be enjoyed by all. From films that disappointed to interviews and eye-popping moments meant for memes, it’s a four part journey that illuminates all that’s happened thus far in 2019. Start here and enjoy.

It wouldn’t be a month at Funkhaus without setting eyes on an upcoming film release. Ford v Ferrari tells the story of car designer Carroll Shelby and British race car driver Ken Miles; a duo that navigated and defied industry rules and the laws of physics to create a race car unlike any other for Ford that could stand against the powerhouse vehicles from Ferrari.