July Soapbox

August 09, 2019
- Extracurriculars

Well, July happened. It was a good month! We welcomed new team members, launched many months-in-the-making websites, and officially began our office campaign to become sponsored by Sweetgreen. Here’s what we read, chatted about, and pondered over during the past 30 days.

We saw two Funkhaus sites land on siteInspire this past month—Cap Gun Collective and 3AM, both of which represent the modes of storytelling through design and beyond.

It’s Nice That’s recent interview with Richard Turley, Wieden + Kennedy’s global creative director (who also brought his eye to the likes of Bloomberg Businessweek and MTV), left us feeling particularly inspired. From his thoughts on embracing cheekiness and humor in his work to his shifts in the industry in the age of social media, every point of the conversation leads to a long read that’s worth the entire scroll.

Did you say travel and smart design? Middle seat horror may or may not be a relic of the past thanks to a design startup that’s eager to reshape those airplane arrangements. Give it a read and get on board.

We lost the legendary novelist Toni Morrison earlier this week. Sure, that was technically in August, but it’s Toni Morrison and she deserves everything. One of our favorites from her is a recent essay she penned, “The Work You Do, The Person You Are,” that’s full of poignant observations on the balance of life and work. For those looking to revisit the Morrison canon, check out this roundup by The New York Times. Her words are as poetic and powerful today as they were the day she wrote them—a testament to a legacy only she could cultivate.

The trailer for Top Gun: Maverick dropped. To say we’re excited would be an understatement. Please watch it on loop for an hour and report back.