January Soapbox

January 31, 2020
- Extracurriculars

Welcome to our January recap; a brief recount of the conversation topics, the music, the scents, the salad dressings, and the idiosyncrasies that defined our 01/2020.

Vintage cars, electric cars, and motorcycles. Recaps of NBA games. Temazcal ceremonies, a traditional one in Mexico and a non-traditional one in Guatemala. Uncut Gems and Star Wars. Mountains to hike in Sedona and Nevada. A fennel-crusted pork chop and a debate about the best Açaí bowl in Hawaii. A Cirque du Soleil show with a moving stage in Vegas. Jetlag from a trip home to Australia and jetlag from a trip home to Korea.


Allegedly aliens exist and a British astronaut said they might be living among us. The same LCD Soundsystem song plays nearly every afternoon while a pink sunset spreads outside. Light fixtures and art books have been updated. Le Corbusier Le Grand, A Spectacular Visual Biography by Phaidon is the newest addition. More leafy green potted plants have amassed all around the office. The phone sometimes rings with callers trying to reach a restaurant supply store.

The Australian man who set a new polar record for the largest solo unsupported journey: 58 days. Aesop Cythera Aromatique room spray in the bathroom. Quality incense forgotten about in credenza drawers. Only heavy duty tape, no scotch. Bottles of Santa Margherita Pinot Grigio in the fridge and a curious pear vinaigrette from Trader Joe’s. Chocolates go quickly. Lil Wayne’s A Milli plays each time we partner with a new client. It’s kind of a joke.