February Soapbox

February 27, 2020
- Extracurriculars

Heyo welcome to our February recap; a brief recount of the conversations we had, the seafood we ate, and the websites we launched in 02/2020.

Deshelled mussels on grilled country bread from Bar Restaurant. A four hour-long Kurosawa movie at the Million Dollar Theatre. Two went snowboarding in Davos.

One of the new but old books on the coffee table is James Turell: A Retrospective from the 2014 LACMA exhibit. Chapter 7 is titled “Spaces Inhabited by Consciousness.” That resonates with us.

Smuggler launched and so did our redesign for The Lift. When two clients share credits on the same spot, e.g. “Daniel Craig vs James Bond” it feels like there is a shared consciousness.

Inside an office of engineers the caucus app was an unreal offense, but Luke’s Brain Dead pants brought flair and we’re excited Mookie is now a Dodger. There’s a lot going on so we went bowling in Little Tokyo on a Thursday afternoon.

ETC and Park Pictures launched. ETC highlights their capabilities and Park Pictures scrolls like a reel.

Eliza is hoping to win one of the 36 Corvettes, ideally a model from the ‘60s. Elon Musk dropped an EDM track and Taylor worried she might like it.

“I remember it like it was yesterday,” is the opening of the Vanity Fair piece on the LAPD detective who found the missing Oscars in 2000. The French Dispatch poster was analyzed before our bones chilled reading about the TikTok house. Dylan thought the worst part was the carpeted bathroom.

Jerry from Cheer is the man, but there’s no one like Mamba. RIP.