March Soapbox

March 31, 2020
- Extracurriculars

Welcome to our March recap; a brief recount of the great toilet paper crisis of 03/2020.

Life hack – avocados ripen if left within close proximity to the heat emitted from a computer monitor.

We were talking about the Rabbit Schnitzel at Hatchet Hall and Patti Smith at Disney Concert Hall, the generous Salt & Straw station thanking voters at the Institute of Contemporary Art, and the new website we designed and built for London Alley, but then the totalitarian state of a pathogen took over. The ‘rona hit.

The markets crashed, Tom and Rita tested positive, the NBA suspended the rest of its season, we cancelled all of our summer travel plans, and we sequestered ourselves into working remotely.

The paradigm shift felt like it happened overnight. In place of reaching for veggie straws and coconut water, the global pandemic had us refueling on optimism and adaptability. Times were disorienting; the upheaval inspired self-reflection.

There has been abundant advice on how and where to take comfort during these challenging times, i.e. meditation, cocktail delivery, walking six feet apart from friends and family, bathrobes, Tiger King, livestreaming and virtual concerts.

Being the digitally-minded people we are, we also turned to the internet. That’s how we found our new favorite song, this Momshare, and the Richmond Anthology.

March reminded us that music is medicine, especially when our usual slate of culture is postponed to nebulous TBDs. The postponement of the Tokyo Olympics was a particularly hard-hitting bummer because Britney could have flexed her record-breaking 100m dash time.

Peace, love, and Gap.